A young lady Trishala D Shah reached out to me by email a while back with a polite request if I would like to read her first attempt at writing.

She also agreed to my terms and conditions of time, writing with regard to the book. Soon enough the book was delivered by the publisher.

Opened the book, the first glance front and back, made me want to put it back in the cover and send it back – the black and white, hand opened to receive alms and my thought that this is something non fiction which would seriously not be something I would be able to complete.

It lay on my bedside table, being busy with the Kindle and some electrifying fiction reading, made me forget it. A couple of days later, forgot to juice the Kindle, maid in her cleaning enthusiasm had put the book back on top and decided to skim thru (I have a dirty habit of never being able to sleep without reading 10-15 pages and yes they can be M&B or photography magazine also).

Began reading it, started off a bit slow, but dug into it, managed to read some of it and back it went onto my shelf. Till a week later, gloomy weather and too much of stories, picked it up today and managed to complete it.

It is quite well written, a story based on philosophy, young person who is mentally a rebel, that manifests itself and is sent for a course – where the seller is one who inspires belief. In part it seemed as if the author has undergone some of it herself and shared some experiences.

It did not work for me, because it is not the kind of belief that I carry, philosophies being different, age being different but conveys the story adequately. The Seller of Beliefs works well, for the ages of 16-25 who are trying to find their way, but the question of whether they read philosophical book or not will remain the question.

But a good maiden effort. More Power to young Trishala.

Written by AD
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