Retailers Association of India had recently organised the first ever Gujarat Retail Summit in Surat on 4th September 2014.

The theme was Building Brands, Achieving Growth and whilst there were other stalwarts talking about a plethora of subjects, I had been invited to explain & share thoughts on how to build a brand via Digital.

A preliminary question and answer with ex colleagues, friends, relatives – the main point that came up was the buzz on ‘Social Media’ and how can they understand, learn, practice, use.

Late night efforts to change the complete topic, along with the requests by RAI to use Gujarati as the language, had me in jitters.

With a few panelists delayed, I was pushed ahead with instructions to build up the crowd, and yes it was a 60+ paying crowd that had gathered to meet, interact, learn, share.

It went well, my first public presentation in Gujarati! Read it here

Written by AD
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