Gangaur in Bombay is located in Juhu, ahead of Punjab Grill and Tewari. It was a nondescript place, where I had tried some stuff a while back and never gone back. And No I am not a fan of Tewari too.

Bru World Cafe – probably their largest place operates next door and is quite a favorite for working undetected and in peace. Some months ago, stepping out at around 4ish and feeling mighty peckish, in a mood for some chaat, decided to walk around and then go to my old Bhaiyaa on North South road; when I saw some activity outside of Gangaur.

Decided to take a look and was pleased to see some changes, and they seemed to be setting up some Calcutta stuff – Chilla, Pucchka and works.

Tried out the Pucchka, Jhaal Muri, and Masala thumsup – pleased with the results, tweeted about it also. Over the next couple of weeks, returned alone, with family and then with friends and everyone liked it.

There was a bit of taste consistency issues, but at least they were consistent and continued operating. A couple of bengali friends tweeted that it was not original, but that is as good as a Gujarati saying that the Thali at any of the thali place is always a mix and not original.

Overall a good place to try out and if you’ve never eaten, go eat.










Location: Juhu
Meal: Snacks
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: 200/- for 2 people

Written by AD
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