I had been an active participant in 2010-2012 Big Loser campaign run for charity by Anupam Gupta aka @b50 in the bargain, losing substantial weight and managing to keep it down for quite a while.

Personal circumstances in 2012-13 led to sheer negligence and all the hard work was put paid and whilst my wife did put on weight; however for me, minimal activity coupled with the persistent knee ligament problem, love of friends, food, drinks means I bloated up beyond expectations. I always thought I would be able to fight it down, as in the past with Dr. Davre or should I go back to a gym. The most common advice all of them gave was – 30 to 60 minutes of brisk walk, with of course diet control. Bit of ups and downs with no difference. The 4 hour travel 3 days a week amongst other things means it continued.

The past couple of months, where lack of sleep, concentration, tiredness, ligament and back acting up, led to a fair amount of depression, before wife took stock and decided it would be back to Dr. Davre or get serious. I have the will power, but as always needed a super motivational push, which came this time from the decision that I would begin work myself, at least for the first 3-4 months before spending on gym or other facilities. The wife agreed, reluctantly to these thoughts. Asking her about booking fitness band for both of us, she said Why? Ask them to appoint you as their ambassador for a year.

Then I went to Twitter and tweeted briefly Planning to be serious about health over the next 60 days, Need sponsors for 8 Tees; 4 Tracks; 2 shoes; 1 fitness Band. Who will sponsor? The sponsorship may be for me alone or for both of us. The idea would be some amount of accountability and act as a part of motivation for us as well as similar others.

Why should a brand sponsor us? is the question that would occur. My logic has been that most of us obese/fat/over weight people get depressed just watching fit people wearing fitness clothes, bands and keep talking about it. Doing 10 kms and then 21 kms is discipline. But have you tried to get from 2500 steps to 3500 and then 5000++ steps consistently? When each step feels like fire on your knees, where you just want to sit down, breathing hard. The help, motivation is just as required here, even more so. Brands are also losing out to communicate to a large chunk of audience as to how they can help.

I want to live life, control food and drink, not give it up completely but slowly get back to active level. Are my expectations of having a 8 abs or something. Nope. The time I am allocating is 60 mins 5 days a week for a period of One year beginning 19th December 2014 to 17th December 2015 and I wish to lose just enough (2-3 kg a month) so that I can walk 10000++ steps daily, get up every morning,without breathing hard, ready to face the world. And keep measuring it. Sharing it with people as I have done in the past, on various platforms. My wife is ambivalent about her wanting to be sponsored, and has said that ‘I shall inform you’.

What I can offer in return to Sponsors?

I am clear, that I am not looking for gifts. I am looking for Brands – small/medium/big – who can participate, motivate, using me to reach out and communicate to like minded people & probably create a community. For that I will,

1. Wear only Branded products
2. Tweet statistics and how it feels, looks
3. Do blog review and updates

But, yes never, ever spam.

What happens if I do not get Sponsors?

The date is fixed. I will finish the run down, medical check etc before that and begin, irrespective of sponsors or not.

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Written by AD
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