We had been invited to try this out, and somehow could not make it the first couple of days; with a bit of miscommunication, decided to check it out on Monday. We (me, Yashesh and Gaurav) reached there. I mostly hate going into India Bull centre because of the attitude of security, as if they were doing me a favour by letting me in. Why have F&B outlets if you have a problem with visitors.

However, once in and getting down at the lobby, there was complete silence, located the brewery and walked in. And ordered, their four new launches. By the time, we got thru to photograph, checking the color and all, we had forgotten which was what; but gamely had a sip from all four and asked for Pauline, as we were told. She came up quickly and also got Javed the owner and introduced all of us, whilst we waited for Shilpa from the PR company to join us.

Javed began our education and got trays of samplers, guiding us thru differences, which made quite a difference. To accompany, we ordered Poached eggs, that were Ok, could have been better and sausages that were pretty nice; whilst the cheesy mushroom seemed to find favour with others, but I did not taste – don’t like mushrooms; all this was washed down by a Jar of beer.

The place is quite large and well appointed some 120 covers, with brick and earthy finish, sturdy tables and chairs, quirky cycle on the wall, low lighting and pretty cool. We sat at the bar side which was quite nice.

The service was just about ok, given that we were the only table; but the staff definitely need training on the micro brew offerings and pairing. But again it was a Monday, their leanest days with many having their weekly off.

If you are a micro brewery connoisseur, do visit, chat with Javed and try out the beers. If you are just a beer lover, go relax, have a couple of beers and enjoy yourself. Either works! I belong to the second. And yes, I would visit with friends but early to have a quiet place to myself.

Disclaimer: We were there on the invite from Brewery via their PR aganecy

Written by AD
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