Paper boat drinks had sent me some samples, about which I had written here. Except ordering for my mother or daughter once in a while, the name had fallen off my radar, when one fine day, there was a parcel with a lovely letter enclosing their two Tea trial packs – Ginger lemon tea, Tulsi tea, requesting me to try it out.

Put it to chill and then forgot about it, till the Diwali holidays and daughter reminded me to try them out. Did so over two days.

Tulsi Tea – Just did not work for me, barely a tinge of tulsi and tea mixed in water. Definitely would not spend to buy.

Ginger Lemon Tea – Found a dash of ginger but overall the ‘Tea’ did not seem to come thru.

As a strong tea drinker, I thought it must be my problem, however daughter who drinks different kinds of tea and mother who does drink Tulsi tea gave it a thums down too. During the weekend, visited Star Bazaar, saw larger packs also of the soft drinks and seems to be doing well, but Tea does not seem to have been launched.

They definitely need to go back to the drawing board on this.

Written by AD
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