TiE Mumbai where earlier, I was reasonably well connected, but years ago, had been asking me to speak on Digital for the food business – for the love of god, I am yet to figure out, why would people want to hear me speak about Digital, when there are so many other experts, as with food; till a while back my wife in a lighter vein said – ‘You must be the only Free Person available’ and because given a mike and audience you can talk – and yes there is an element of truth there.

So I landed up at World Trade Center with Lavin an actual Social Media expert in tow and met up with Gaurav Gurbaxani another Digital expert. Keeping in mind my age, they took pity on me and allowed me to present first.

You can read about it TIEDigitalDemystifyiedPDF20112014

This was followed up by Lavin and Gaurav sharing more indepth Digital knowledge.

Written by AD
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