Social WaveLength is one of the leading Social Media Agency in Mumbai, run by two Co CEOs one of which is Sanjay Mehta where JWT had recently invested an undisclosed amount.

Sanjay Mehta and I have been interacting for quite a while on Twitter and Facebook, but could never catch up, given the distance and our schedules, till recently we managed to be at a Seminar together.

A couple of days later, he shared that his organisation has a learning day once every month where different topics are covered and staff are free to attend, learn, interact and he wanted me to come and share experiences with them. The first date did not work out, but the next month he reminded me again and said, I leave the topic to you; Given the information available on the web, my bit of knowledge, I put together a small presentation “Kal, Aaj aur Kal”

Reaching there, I was quite surprised to see the turnout in the room, probably 15+ people, some of them began with a comment – We follow you on Twitter. It turned out to be quite interactive, with initially only one person asking or saying something, but before long many started taking part.

Sanjay Mehta ended the session, with a nice momento – quite appreciated – sharing that, many of the points was what they had been discussing earlier in the day, in their plan for 2015 and onward. He also gave me permission to share the presentation on my Blog. The questions and interactions were private and hence are not a part of the presentation. You can look at the deck SocialWavelength20102014

Written by AD
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