A fortnight back, I received a tweet, FB message and introduction from a friend about MaSwad asking me if I would try them out and give them some feedback. Given the fact that it was in Malad – out of jurisdiction for me, both from office and residential perspective – I was a bit hesitant and said so.

The entrepreneurs who had begun the service, actually made time to come over, deliver, have a chat, share the business model and spend time with me. Whilst the food comes later, the story as shared by them –

“A project aimed at supporting housewives in Mumbai showoff their culinary skills via a pick up and delivery front end set up under MaSwad.com

The team at MaSwad visit individual homes to do a series of taste and hygiene checks that will enable housewives to come under the umbrella of MaSwad. Once chosen one or two signature dishes from a kitchen are made available on the menu. Every item sold at MaSwad is prefixed by the creator’s name in today’s (17th Nov) menu for instance you will find Sawant Kaku’s Malwani Chicken or Yogita’s Bhindi Masala…

Housewives are free to price their dishes according to the money and effort they put in, and on a given day, only a few portions are ordered from each home…

In the last eight months, MaSwad has interviewed some 200 housewives and inspected their homes and now have some 75 ladies offering their signature dishes via a daily changing menu.

The store, now open in Malad is operating on a pick up or delivery model

Anaggh, MaSwad’s army of Annapreneurs has been built to offer talented housewives a platform to showcase their abilities even as they augment the home incomes with some additional earnings. By getting people like you talking about their food, we will be able to instil a sense of pride in these women”

The food which they had so kindly carried along, was tasted by everyone at home-

Benu’s Rajma – N and me are not Rajma lovers; Mom tried it once, but K loved it, given that she has cultivated the taste at friends place.

Benu’s Palak Paneer Quite good, though I prefer the palak not so mashed, but the paneer was pretty good chunk and this was demolished quickly.

S R Gupta’s Aloo Tamatar Quite a hit with everyone and was the first to be finished. Finger lickin good as one would say. Definitely a must order.

S R Gupta’s Carrot Beans Pretty good and N quite relished it. I don’t like beans and cooked carrots so gave it a miss. Whilst others found it a nice change.

Usha’s Veg Pulao Quite good, a perfect accompaniment to the gravy, but the Tofu chunks did not work at all. Removing them, and the Pulav disappeared πŸ˜‰

Mrs. Hilda’s Manglorian Chicken Loved the gravy, the chicken was quite good, but a couple of pieces were a bit stringy or probably I’m getting old.

Neelam’s Rice Kheer Quite Outstanding. Must order, even if no main course πŸ˜‰

Hemali’s Green Iced Tea Made without tea, but absolutely brilliant and outstanding. A must have. Even if you do not order the food πŸ˜‰

The options change every day; but my choice would be Manglorean chicken, aloo tamatar, chapati, Pulao, Kheer and Green Iced Tea which should be good for 3 people at least.

Some of the stories that Sujata and Dinesh shared were really touching, particularly how these ladies manage to earn and are now extremely happy. They plan to expand to BKC soon.

Please try them out if you’re in their delivery area, or spread the word. And call either of them, if you want to know more – Dinesh Kamat: 098927 07788, or Sujatha Parthasarathy at: 093239 48761

Disclaimer: This sampling was courtesy MaaSwad

Written by AD
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