It was a fortnight back when I received an invite, asking me to visit and review E.A.S.T and 25 Paraganas at Sahara Star ‘at my convenience’. This phrase and my subsequent interaction on email, being quite smooth, gathered a couple of friends and off we went to try out E.A.S.T first.

East Asian Spice Trail, abbreviated to EAST – Reaching on time, passing thru a bit of weird entrance, past the wine and champagne bar, we landed up at the restaurant; with a bit of mis communication, what with the lady having left, we were seated quickly and the Restaurant manager came and confirmed the name.

Quite medium lighting, with the AC on full blast, we occupied the quieter part of the restaurant. Ordered some mocktail and fresh juice, ready for meal. We decided to try out starters from the menu and maybe one odd mains from the Special that Chef would make for us.

We began with Dim Sums – Veg and Prawns with Chicken in seaweed rolls. Veg Dim Sum were fantastic and I could have finished Dinner with a dozen of them. The prawns did not work at all, tasted undercooked and surprisingly the cover was thicker. The chicken covered with sea weed was pretty good also, though personally would have liked a bit of spice, or at least some sauce with it. But the special vinegar served did not work.

By the time we finished, Chef Chang had made an appearance and we started discussing some other starter from the menu, finally settling for Fish – pomfret, never Basa (that is very dirty fish according to Chef Chang), and his suggestion of radish cakes. The fish came quick enough, a tad spicy as we wanted with outer crispy. The surprise was Radish – outstanding and extremely flavourful so much so that it was demolished in seconds. We ordered the vietnamese cigar roll, which were excellent too, dipped in sweet chilli sauce. Another off the menu was a salad of pine nuts, cashwew mix on a thin layer which could be eaten also.

The Main was to be quite less, given we were feeling full – so settled for Fried rice with chicken and prawns – minutely diced and mixed well with a small trial of beef and cured ham from Germany.

I settled for the Rice alone, which could be a meal by itself. According to my two partners, the beef and ham was exquisite.

Before we could comment, Chef had brought over desserts – Chilli ice cream – mix of green and red chilli not visible, but just a tinge after you swallow the ice cream; a lovely chocolate dessert and a surprise both that were outstanding.

Overall a lovely evening, with good service and learning from Chef Chang. And yes would go again.

Disclaimer: This was a by invite hence cannot grade and cost it. Liquor was not included and hence paid for directly.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends