Couple of days back, a tweet by me: Soon on the stands – ‘How to screw up Date Night badly’ by yours truly – got a flurry of questions ranging from humour to serious as to how I managed to do so.

Since N has started working again, our schedules manage to clash and given the demands at home on her, we sort of instituted Thursday (when she eats once in the evening) as Date Night, managing to try different places or comfort food. Rarely have I screwed up, but as they say, there’s always a first time.

I have blogged about the actual happening here and the learning from it is:

1) Never ever trust an agency or restaurant invite for date night
2) Cancel the date night if you are feeling kadka or wanting to please somebody.
3) This is applicable more so when it is your wife; more so when you’ve been married for long.
4) Be prepared to listen to the harsh, soft and muted taunts of the screwup for rest of your life in front of family, friends, acquaintances.
5) This list can be endless, but you get the point.

All the artic weather and all is acceptable and can be managed, but wife knows how to pin prick your ego and self respect and good will at one go.

Mine did: “We have been together for 27 years, travelled, stayed in different cities, state, country AND rarely have you made me wait for a table, and never have we been humiliated”<

Written by AD
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