It had been exactly a year since Haochi was launched and I was there to try it out; read about it here

It was a pleasant surprise to receive an invite that said, they were planning to introduce Thai menu and would like me to hop across and taste it out.

After a bit of back and forth on time and dates, managed to confirm. The year has moved at tremendous speed, bringing with it many changes, but the familiar Sun N Sand surroundings were good as well as the smiling faces of old timers.

Quickly seated by the staff and Satish Fernandes the F & B Manager hustled up and we caught up about last time, Beachcomber, and why Thai was being introduced, whilst waiting for Chef Gautam to join us.

Given the reputation and location, Sun n Sand has a fair amount of Gujarati and Marwari customers from the neighbouring area, who had been constantly visiting and trying out Chinese, but were asking for a bit of change in the menu. And the original idea was to eventually make it Pan Asian.

One Veg and Non Veg was what we were at the table, the most difficult of combination for a Chef.

We began with Chinese Tea and a Lime mocktail a surprise by Satish, found it tangy, sour with fruits and chilled. This was accompanied by Thai Pan – supposed to increase your appetite – Leaf, where you make your own with plum sauce, coconut, peanuts, spring onions, thai adrak and tasted just amazing.

Once done with this, Thai dumplings – finely shredded chicken with no sauces, but orange thai chillies that looked bland, first bite was ok and then it hit you, a must order. For the vegetarian there was Rice paper thai spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce – a perfect combination and went off quickly.

Water chestnuts with broccoli and sauce followed, which the veg loved but I was not too impressed. For me there was Fish cakes accompanied by a different sauce, which hit the spot perfectly.

I signalled to Gautam that, I had space for just Mains, but he was man with a mission, given that I had not got friends who would try Beef, Pork and Lamb, so Tom Yum soup – veg and non veg followed, had a bit of it but not really a soup person, but the veg version was quite good.

Satish came up to see how it was going and ordered another mocktail – Apple Mojito – which was quite nice but did not match up to the Lime one.

Time for the Mains – Rice – lightly flavoured, sticky and quite decent, Flat noodles with veggies a bit spicy and very good. The veggie option had Veg gravy dish with a mix of tofu and vegetables in coconut gravy which was quite liked. I gave it a miss and had the Giant Prawns – nicely done, spicy and just perfect; chicken in gravy which did not really work for me, particularly after the prawns.

Then the master piece came up Shank done in Thai coconut curry and covered like the Indian Dum – soft and quite succulent with the meat just falling off the bone. Quite done by then Chef sent Lamb, which I tried a piece of but did not work for me, felt a bit chewey – yes I know that is how it is supposed to be – but personal choice.

We were asked if we wanted to try out anything else, my answer was Yep a room upstairs to take a snooze before leaving.

Giving sweets a miss, since they were standard stuff, we left. Lamb, Soup, Chicken did not hit the spot for me, whereas the rest was very good and definitely worth a visit.

I really wish, I had taken a couple of hard core non vegetarians along which would have given us an option of trying out stuff.

A good place to try out the new with the old chinese menu; ask for Chef Gautam or Satish who mill make your meal memorable, whilst Karim, Antony and Jayant are excellent at taking care of guests.

Disclaimer: This was a by preview invite hence cannot grade and cost it.

Written by AD
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