The world famous in Singapore Harry’s had opened a while back in Powai, but given that reaching Singapore is easier, one never went there.

However, one always had fond memories of Singapore and when invited to try out Harry’s in Juhu, collected two friends and decided to hit the place, preferably when it was a lean day, Monday.

It is in a place that most party goers will find, but a google link on Zomato would work wonders. Landing up at 8 pm the valet was quick to pickup the car and we walked in, where there was an open area with couple of tables that were good for the smokers.

Half dozen steps up and the inside is decent, with quite a substantially long bar with stools, booths and high chairs strewn around. Approx 67 covers including the bar.

Ram Trivedi the Asst. Restaurant Manager was waiting and we started chatting up with him about Harry’s his work etc and left the ordering to him. Over the evening we ran thru quite the drinks menu:


Old Fashioned – Very nice though the Angostura bitters came out a little strong for my taste.
Singapore Sling – This was a complete downer, a must have drink in Singapore outpost, but did not work.
Infused Ice Tea – Quite nice, gives a kick after the drink and a one off afternoon trial.
Pineapple & Bell pepper Margarita – Easily the star of the evening and must try.
Caramel & Popcorn martini – A must try for the ladies, though I don’t mind a couple of sips πŸ˜‰
Sex on Pattya beach – Rum and watermelon – I keep telling people this. A must try.
Dirty Harry – Very nice, definitely worth a repeat.
Blood on the Rooftop – 4 spirits, lemonade and red wine – loved it totally and demolished it.

Will order again – Margarita, Blood on the rooftop, Sex on Pattaya beach, Old Fashioned

Food Starters

Potato wedges – both Bombay spice mix and cheese cilantro – The best I have recently tasted in Bombay. The Chef Heeralal Patel confirmed that it was with fresh pahadi potatoes. And yes the discussion veered off to the potatoes and how, where etc.
Crispy chicken – Barely ok. The chicken was overdone and had too much of masala, also had gone a bit cold so rubbery.
Pattaya Beach Fish Goujons – Basa so there was resistance, however turned out to be real yummy, crisp on the outside and soft, crunchy with nice seasoning.
Moroccon spiced cottage cheese – Just barely OK. The paneer aka cottage cheese was a complete let down. Rubbery and chewy.
Singapore chicken lollipop – Nothing new, reminded one of the Quarter bar shetty chicken lollipop but hit just the spot as starter.
Vietnamese spring roll – The rolls were soft and a tad soggy so did not work well.

Will order again – Potato wedges, Singapore chicken lollipop, Pattaya beach fish

Food – Main course

Crisp Pork Riblets – The star of the evening according to my two companions, with the meat just falling off the bones. I did not try this, but trust their judgement on it.
Thai curry Rice with Prawns – Very very good. The prawns were jumbo and went exceedingly well with the rice.

Food – Dessert

Drunken valcano cake – Don’t ask. Order. Thank me later.

Hits Layout, music, parts of food, Drinks of course.

Misses Parts of food, washroom & some drinks.

For a Monday, it started picking up quite well by 9.30 pm with groups walking in. The music was mellow and played some retro also. But eventually was turned up a bit. Fortunately we left by then.

The Culinary Director is Vicky Ratnani – known to me – and Harry’s Juhu menu is different and better than Powai, though the revamp is happening quite soon.

The Bar planning and training is by Shatbi Basu – attended her first ever bartending course decades ago – and had very high expectations, but felt quite let down on the signature drinks.

It is a good place, particularly with the Jug/Litre offerings of cocktails and sangria and attracts the crowd quite well. Definitely a must visit, but 8-10 pm for me πŸ™‚ before the music gets loud.

Disclaimer: This was by a special invite from the Management of the place and hence cannot be costed out. Sufficient to say, it would work quite well for a group of 3 or more.

Written by AD
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