A quick trip to meet School mates in Baroda happened suddenly in the first week of the new year and off I went like a shot.

Adding a day of additional stay for business, the plan worked well. Saw Ola and TaxiforSure had started business in Baroda, so decided to try out for pickup and drop 1) to check their service in a smaller town 2) Avail of the cheap offer of 50/- compared to an autorickshaw. 3) Comfort in travelling

Having had bad experience with Ola in Bombay, had deleted their app and had never a reason to download TaxiforSure.

Tried to Down Load – 3G or whatever they call it, as well as WiFi – more than 4 hours later I was just seeing a Doordarshan chakra. Forgot about the taxi and took an auto rickshaw.

Tweeted about it, and TaxiforSure immediately reverted asking about the problem, asked me to either call a local nos, or provide my contact so they could help. No news from Ola.

The next day, needed car for half day and decided to call both up:

Ola – call attended promptly, quote given, however told that car can be organised after 2 hours. Shared with them, that I was at Express Alkapuri and I could see 2 vehicles stationed there.

TaxiForSure – call attended promptly, quote given, text sent and vehicle received in less than 30 minutes. Clean vehicle, excellent driver, not pushy, answered questions politely. And gathered the following.

Between all these cab aggregators, they have 400 cabs. More than 50% get business, none of them enough but they are paid by the aggregators. TaxiForSure pays everyday; Ola pays fortnightly, the others weekly/fortnightly.

TaxiForSure has overtaken business from Ola because of prompt payment and customer service.

It has been 15+ days but Ola has neither responded to my tweet nor called back. Guess busy counting their millions of funds.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends