The past couple of months, I’ve been suffering from a bit of cough, cold, fever for a day or so and always put it down to exhaustion, not that I have so much work 🙂 but feels good to say that.

N and me planned a trip to Ambaji and flew to Ahmedabad on Friday 13th Feb, had a nice dinner and were raring to go the next day to Ambaji.

Left at 9 am and were back by 6 pm having been able to complete Darshan the way we like. And off we went to a friend’s place where there was a gathering of old friends.

Everyone felt that I was in my element and this continued till he dropped us back, when I was coughing a bit but put that down to too much of talking and shouting. With promises to meet the next day, off we went to sleep. At around 3 am felt uneasy with fever, took some medicines and dropped off to sleep.

The morning breakfast beckoned but with a severe cough and body ache; asked the hotel to get me the regular medicine, which I consumed after breakfast, lay down, asking N to shower so we could go out. Woke at around 3.45 pm with N telling me that you were zoned out completely, so did not wake you up. Another dose and I awoke at 7 pm itching to go out. Called a cab and said let’s go to one or two places and then catch up with friends around 9.30-10. Had to rush back to the hotel in less than an hour. Monday passed the same way, with barely being able to manage to walk at the airport. AI had run out of wheel chairs at both Ahmedabad and Bombay airport.

Tuesday, went and met our GP who gave medicines, so whilst fever did go down, cough, weakness and breathlessness persisted. Did a basic checkup on Wednesday and went to the doctor again on Thursday. However, knowing me N had followed and spoke to the doctor who said, lets see for a day with these new medicines or else get him admitted for a checkup. Got in the car and was asleep; woke up to see all red and blue lights. N had taken the decision, not to wait but admit me to emergency in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital. Barely managed to stumble on the bed AND then Chaos.

All the English Serials & Novels of emergency came to the fore ‘2 doctors and half dozen nurses’ were plugging, poking away to their heart’s content; some technicians landed up and hooked X ray; Oxygen and whatever was leftover in any corner.

In the meantime, N made a call, bringing friends over immediately. Whilst I could speak to him and his wife for a bit, I was carted along to the 4th/5th floor which is the ICU isolation rooms and hooked upto the machines there, with instructions to clear the rooms. N was adamant and waited there with a Mask as did Wajid and Mangla. When Mehul reached, having rushed across town, I had no clue about him. Finally, they were pushed out and N asked to wait till the doctor comes. He came and shared with her that, the result would come tomorrow but it is Swine Flu and your decision was perfect in admitting him, or it could have been too late. When he came in to ask how I was feeling, I said fine and can I leave tomorrow. He told me with a smile, Yes provided you can walk from the room.

Not having a clue, had checked into Ambani on Swarm whilst waiting, which was seen and my Daughter’s friend shared with her. Trying to reach either of us, she left work and finally managed to speak to N when she reached andheri. This also happened to a fair amount of other friends also.

All the enthusiasm of leaving for home went phus…..It took 4 days of oxygen, before I could walk to the loo outside the room; eat a bit. Another 2 days of trying to recover enough to leave for home, that too because it was my daughter’s birthday – not that it could be celebrated, but at least I was home – and with a list of Terms that I was forced to accept, that included spending time in Isolation at home in a room for another 4-5 days. During my entire stay in the hospital, no visitors were allowed, though N & K bulldozed their way for a bit.

No TV, just Kindle and a hidden phone made survival difficult. But at least I could keep in touch with friends. However, typing itself was a chore, forget talking/answering the phone. Those who knew N’s nos spoke to her and managed to get updates. Thankfully, friends, acquaintances kept in touch and morale high via messages, tweets which was very welcome.

It began on 15th February and today as I write this, I have recovered 65-70% and expect to slowly resume work from 9th March and be 100% by end of the month.

So, another time of having escaped, in this case very close to Death, as the doctors also said – all thanks to N, who took the decision and stuck to it.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends