A couple of weeks ago, lying in bed at a Hospital 🙂 Read that here I was cleaning up Apps on my iPhone and MotoG, also reading about some new ‘Disrupters’ in the food space. Tweeted some thoughts about them, one being Dishkhoj (currently available on Android). A couple of tweets, messages reminded me that it was founded by classmates of the most famous single Abhishek.

So I commented about the app being similar Quintoapp and received a barrage of replies as to how both were different etc. So my next question being Funded vs Unfunded? Anyway down loaded the app to check, and found the following:

1) Smooth, nice design, allows FB and non FB login.

2) Mumbai and I allowed it access to my location as Lokhandwala, Andheri, saw some cuisine, dishes, restaurant tabs which played about in that order. So that is what the it is all about. But as a consumer I may not want a restaurant or vice versa, which was not visible to me or maybe I did not know.

3) Some curated dishes and not crowd sourced seems to the plank but then how is that different from other offerings by hotels directly or apps.

Lost interest and deleted the app.

My thoughts & questions remain the same:

1) What is your differentiator/USP? To give an example – People follow me on Zomato and Instagram for the food recommendation NOT because I talk about Texture, graininess and all BUT stand by what dish is good and why I like it.

2) Why would I want yet another app where I will go and write, tag, input, select or whatever for my favourite dish? Some youngsters, maybe yes.

3) How difficult would this be to replicate by a Zomato, Pandas, Owls with funding?

4) If there is no contextual, relevant content, how does it benefit the consumers and in turn create a community?

5) What is the credibility stamp of content, that makes one visit the place for that particular dish

6) And how quickly can this be scaled up?

Is there an answer for this – probably yes, since they have launched it. Will it work – maybe. Would I use it/recommend it – Not really, don’t see the value, but I may be in a minority. Is it too late – Don’t really know the right answer, given that VCs/PEs think Food Services are the flavour of the month it may help it sail and make money 🙂

Best of luck to them. 

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends