I read somewhere that Grofers had tied up with Starbucks and was doing home/office delivery in Bandra and tweeted about it and decided to check it out.

Downloaded the app and the location showed some 5-6 stores from where they would deliver in 70-90 minutes. Decided to try it out, given that everyone at home is out and some urgent stuff can be ordered so as to reach when you are nearing home.

Ordered and received the delivery on time in a lovely branded bag. As a policy, the delivery boy does not take Tips.

What worked and will work Convenience, accessibility to basics, payment by card option, quite quick delivery.

What will not work currently Too few listing, but I am sure that they will work on it soon enough.

Will I use it again Definitely Yes, in fact given that we have two household which has elderly people, it may work out to be quite a boon.

May it work well and keep up the service standards…..

Written by AD
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