Tiny Owl an Food delivery app that raised discussions when it announced a Rs. 100/- crore funding a while back.

I was one of them, with questions such as – What are the numbers they are talking about some 2000 orders etc, how have they managed till now etc. A couple of messages asking me to try them out so decided to do so, when I was ill and in bed, felt like having idli sambhar.

Downloaded the app, it found the location and showed 139 restaurants/food places around it. Clicked on a couple of them to order Idli sambhar – apparently it works only after 11 am. Called them directly and was delivered at 9.30 am. Forgot about the app.

A week ago, decided to give it another try and the app kept crashing. During this time, I had a couple of exchange with somebody from their tech team, investor and for whatever reason, they opened an account on Twitter and responded to my tweet after 8 days asking me to try it out and give them feedback. Besides of course, earlier giving me an email to provide feedback.

Decided to try it out the final time – Ordered from two different places, seamless ordering, payment, delivery on time.

What works – No human interaction, payment by credit card, order from multiple places on the same app, no service charges.

What did not/will not for me – Minimum order given that I stay in an area where everybody delivers without restrictions, may not work for me. Time restrictions again is a deterrent.

Will I order regularly May be, but why would I need to be loyal? There are other options also.

Besides there are some personal customer pain points that are currently not taken care. I can think of half dozen that have to be there. And given the funding and team, that is the expectation which is unmet.

Overall, a decent app, worth using, but how is it being differentiated? How will it create loyalty and retention? What are the offerings that will bring me back?

Till then…

UpdateDuring the last month, I have used the App nearly a dozen times. The experience has been very good to okay. Some of the hiccups:

1) Order to Subway led to Rs 50/- service charge because the store charges, but was not highlighted specifically.
2) Three orders were delivered late and no information from TinyOwl.
3) There is no place to comment whilst ordering – Roll without onions/capsicum etc.
4) The other app for home cooking, shows delivery and upon order being placed, says no service area.

Written by AD
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