Barbeque Nation the place that has made a name for itself by virtue of the unlimited food and service it offers for a very good price. I have had an occasion to try it out when it opened near to home a couple of years ago and found it excellent. But then it sort of dropped off the radar. Though have had an opportunity to try it for team lunches/dinners in other cities.

A couple of weeks back, I got an invite to come try out the new menu and more importantly the dessert with the new Kulfis that were introduced a while back.

Selecting Good Friday for lunch, me and +1 went across, the reservation and taking us in was flawless by Suprio the restaurant manager.

Seated near the Bar – the restaurant was 60% full and it is a large place. The service began soon, with the starters:

Vietnamese Grill Veg – Pretty OK
Pesto Mushroom – was not tried given, that I do not like mushrooms, and my companion is allergic.
Paneer Tikka Lajawab – very nice and with the added sauce/marinate tasted quite good.
Peanut roll – very good taste wise, with the crunchy peanuts and required two refills.
Cajun Spice Potato – excellent and best of the lot.

During this time Mocktail – Ok and Aam Panna – excellent was served.

Mirch Masala Tangdi – quite good, succulent and soft.
Chilly Garlic Chicken – excellent and was polished off in seconds
Mutton Gilafi Seekh Kebab – Taste was fine, but quite dry and served without lime.
Parsley fish and Oyster Basil Prawns – Basa of course but quite decent, however the Prawns were excellent and worth the second go at it

The main course, buffet was nothing to write about, and given the crowd, shortage of crockery and silverware, gave it a miss; though the servers did bring some to taste at the table but opted for a couple of more starters.

The desserts did not excite us as much as the Kulfi did. 6 kinds of kulfi with 10 different toppings. Managed to try the 6 kulfis, given that a dear friend had been involved in designing the line of Kulfi and toppings, but could not try out all the toppings.

Left us satiated! Though Supriyo and his team tried to gently force us to try more.

Hits: Starters and Kulfi

Misses: Buffet and some service elements

Disclaimer:The lunch was by a special tasting invite.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends