Leon who has interacted with me on Twitter, invited me to check out a new place in town, which got delayed due to my being hospitalised, but finally made it dragging Ranjit and Gaurav along with me to try out the place.

This was earlier a Chinese place and then this youngster Kushal took up the place. It is bang opposite Starbucks.

4-5 tables, friendly service, just the place youngsters love. Ordered the Paneer chilly which was very good with an assortment of chillies and not just capsicum. Followed this up by Burrito which was okay.

On recommendation went in for the Mexican and Asian Platter. Mexican was nice though the rice needs to be worked upon. But the Asian platter just hits the spot, the spring roll and dim sum were excellent.

This was accompanied with their star Mango+Pineapple offering and we were totally full. Kushal insisted that we had to check out their Burrito challenge, which was huge and finally had to be wrapped and sent home with Gaurav

May not visit again for Mexican though some parts were good but Asian was superb and worth a second visit.

Disclaimer: This was a special invite and complimentary except the Burrito Challenge which we insisted on paying as it was packed to go


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