A colleague called up and asked me to accompany her to try out, before they officially opened; but was enroute to Ahmedabad and so had to regret. Falling seriously ill and hospitalized but still reading about the place, decided to try it out soon. But that was after nearly 5-6 weeks of it opening.

Finally an impromptu plan with Dharmesh Gaurav and Ranjit with Dharmesh doing the booking, we landed up early, just when the staff was undergoing the briefing; but the host peeled off and seated us immediately.

A nice table where we could catch the action in the kitchen and were a bit secluded from the noise and crowd that was expected.

The table service began quite in symphony – with menu being presented, water being filled, chotta being offered, a quick glance and we said get all of them whilst we selected the drinks.

We had an assortment of drinks Dark Monsoon, Juggad, Tar Booze, and found them quite innovative and good, but the alcohol content of 30ml which dilutes with ice and stirring does not work for me. The Masala thumsup idea is excellent, but requires a fizz – maybe a dispenser or opening cans every time, with a dash of extra masala, a good idea would be to salt the rim also.

Amongst the chintu, chota and Bada we went the whole hog with repeating the chintu thrice; followed by

Moong Dal Fritters – Excellent. Must order
Aloo Bravas – Fair one.
Chilled seafood Bhel – quite piquant, but would have liked it with a kali mari sev to give it that change in taste. Worth a shot
Thepla Tacos was quite good and all three – spicy subzi & potato salli; Goan pulled pork vindaloo; chicken chill fry all worked well with the drinks or other wise and were polished off in no time. Must Order
Kejriwal Toast – Personally liked the change in taste here, though would have liked a dash of green chillies at the top. Must order
Spicy baked cabbage and paneer kofta – did not work at all, the first order was salted, sent it back, came back repaired but still did not work.
Nargisi scotch egg kofta – Works. Must order
The chota on toast also works pretty well and need to be ordered.

Maska Pao and Tingmo garlic bread are the options we tried, Tingmo wins hands down and is worth a double order.

In the desserts (I am not a dessert lover) Guava Tan-Ta-Tan with chilli did not go anywhere; Gulab nut worth a shot and quite liked it; Masala chai popsicle worth a trial but I prefer my tea strong, kadak with adrak; Ice cream sandwich – others did not like it but I loved it, more because I like bon bon; Falooda Sundae – quite good and worth an order.

I had an opportunity to take visitors again to this place, and the experience was again very good.

Most of it synchronised and worked extremely well. The table service is unobtrusive and quick; the server know not to over bend, the silverware is replenished – small things but make a lot of sense to me. Whilst speaking to the owners realised that one of the partners had actually worked at Hyatt and another chain in USA and was keen to train accordingly. Well Done I say.

A couple of things that did not work for me – Heavy hand on the salt – needs to check particularly on the taco, toast, prawns; Loud music as it gets later. But overall, a very good place and very conveniently located close to the office.

Need to visit for Lunch soon.

Location: Lower Parel
Meal: Drinks and Dinner
Food: 7.5/10
Drinks: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: 10000/- for 4 people including drinks, service charges & ghastly taxes.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends