I have used TabCab in the past, but that was a while ago, even from the airport and was pretty happy with their service; so much so that I loaded Rs. 1000/- on their new Wallet offering recently, given the fact that I am currently without a car and a driver, dependent on my wife’s largesse (which is most days) and radio cabs rest of the days.

Tuesday night, the badli driver called to inform that he would not be coming on Wednesday which is 22nd April 2015. Promptly whipping out the phone, booked TabCab, got an sms and was happy about the whole thing.

My wife suggested that, it would be better to call another Badli driver instead of depending on these radio taxis; but do husbands, particularly ‘tech savvy’ listen? Nah!

Wednesday morning arrived bright and cheery, TabCab sends a text 45 minutes in advance “We are still in the process of searching a cab for you as there are no free cabs in your area currently. We will call you shortly with an update’

Whilst waiting for the call back, tried every other Radio Taxi, all of them either were 90 minutes away or like Uber charging 1.9 times surge pricing. Booked uber and had to cancel due to reasons, that requires a separate blog.

Received a call, with same information of how taxis are not available etc etc. with no answer worth considering. Upon asked to return my 1000/- as I would not like to use the service, was told ‘Please call customer service and talk to them, we are customer service but we cannot tell you’ On insisting, was informed somebody will call me.

No calls during the day. In order to recover the money on deposit, booked again, and after a couple of calls the Driver Ram Snehi Booking ID:AO422151118558 reported. The inside was grimy, unclean and as good as a regular taxi.

After more discussion then google and others, we reached the destination. Told him about the Wallet and deposit, He is like ‘Dude, don’t give me this shit, pay or you do not get down’ The customer service line was busy, so finally paid off and made my way home. Two complaints in the app and finally somebody, think it was Chirag calls up on Thursday late morning and explains the procedure of using the wallet, which is so cumbersome that you end up frustrated “When you reach your destination, you have to open app and select pay by wallet, enter driver code, etc and press” And none of this is automated so you manually enter. On being asked, why would I want to inconvenience myself twice over etc. the standard reply was ‘I will check and get back to you’ So, whilst waiting, the following questions occurred to me:

1. What is the sense of taking booking the previous night and search for a cab the next day morning?
2. If there are no cabs at 7.30 how will there be cabs at 8.30?
3. Technology and algorithm should help deliver better service, isn’t it? Or I’m wrong
4. What is the level of competence, empowerment of customer service? No scenario training?
5. What use of Technology – Wallet – which make life difficult instead of simplifying

But, till there are a billion suckers, Brands do not care and can behave the way they wish?

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends