There are two apps – gottago on android and peeprovider both which are supposed to help you in the congested city of Mumbai by guiding you to the nearest Loo, Shalabh Sauchalaya etc.

They have a reasonable design, however when I tried using them at the following locations – Lokhandwala/Oshiwara; Bandra; National Highway 8; Lower Parel; Nariman Point – both were not really accurate.

All the Shalabh Sauchalaya have been plotted – however most of them are in non working or dirty conditions. When the google map opens and shows you the location and surrounding – which is partially correct; there are the timelines or distance mapped our to reach the place. Most of them are incorrect.

Since it is supposedly crowd sourced, cleanliness, relevancy and other details are missing. Some of the restaurants mapped are not even open at times.

Whilst this may seem to be a public service, it is more of a hassle and definitely not a convenience. The google connect and accuracy needs to be improved. Verification of locations and maybe grading them. Piggyback of FourSquare information, which seems to be more accurate.

Written by AD
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