I have used TABcab in the past and was a ‘TABcab Airport Customer Loyalty Program’ member also 🙂

Recently, having sold off my car and still undecided about which vehicle to buy (the ones I want are out of reach), I have had been dependent on trying out variety of the Radio cabs. Having faced decent service, decided to try out TABcab once again.

First booking, confirmed in the night and cancelled by them because no cabs near my place in the morning. However, immediately on it being confirmed, I was happy and saw something called wallet, where I could preload some money and use it to pay off the taxi.

Having used PayTM for a variety of this, decided to load money on it. In the evening, booked again and got a cab and was pleased about it. Barring the usual debate of why go via sea link etc, driver was pretty ok, though the cab was dirty, with seats torn etc.

Finally reached home, and told him that the money would be deducted from the wallet. He looked at me blankly and claimed, he had no clue what I was talking about, insisting that I pay him in cash. Digging out all my change, managed to pay him off.

Wrote, called, tweeted to TABcab with No response. Finally a day or two later somebody called with the template apology, with no idea about the driver refusal. And started a tutorial on what all steps would be required if I wanted to use the wallet. So time consuming that I was left wondering, why introduce something so painful. Asked him why is all this not clarified when somebody starts using the wallet. No answer. Told him, please refund my money back, I do not wish to use the wallet. The template reply was, Let me check and get back to you.

A text saying “Your case reference no is CC10093646. We are currently investigating your concern and shall revert to you shortly – Team Tabcab” was received on 24th April. Then silence till date.

What does one do to recover the money?
Why does it take 10 days to resolve a small query?
Is TABcab trustworthy?

Written by AD
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