A mail invite, followed up by a quick call from me to find out some details to The Bombay Canteen, saw me confirming my presence for Lunch tasting of the new menu additions on 1st May.

It was a small table with a couple of known faces Nikhil, Karen and Radhika (who I met for the first time, however we have friends in common).

Whilst waiting for everyone to reach, shared a Masala Thumsup – strong – which set the afternoon, given that it was a dry day.

Seated and the flow began,

Chhotas Beet and love apple salad – Brilliant and it was polished off in double quick time; East Indian Chicken wings – Fair, but nothing that would excite me to reorder.

Badas This was where the fun began with

Stuffed snake gourd – would never touch it in my life, but tasted and found that the experiment with vatana, batata, kishmish in a tamatar-pudhina chutney worked quite well.

Bangda Rechado – very nice and went well with the rice moong dal, tikki with ambatik sauce.

Poha crusted Paneer – Okayish, however the killer was the watermelon curry & gondharaj lime relish.

Prawn Biryani – The perfect dish, with kairi and dill, could have finished the entire thing, but manners forbade me to do so. What was surprising that Surti Kolam was used to make this. And as any self respecting South Gujarat boy knows that it is normal rice and does not seem or taste like basmati. However, Chef Flyod and Thomas had it done pretty good, with the grains actually dry and non sticky.

Red Rice Pulao – Not a lover of red rice, but actually tasted quite nice. Vegetarians would love it.

Sweet Dish St. Andrew’s Mess was quite a master piece with Haphus mangoes combined with aam panna, whipped cream and meringue which was cleaned up by everyone in double time.

Another sweet trial of Jackfruit was also offered, tried a spoon and came back to the mangoes 🙂

                 It was a fun afternoon, just the way I like trials and tasting – limited people, who talk, share thoughts about travel, food, marketing.

I personally had a lovely chat with Karen, Floyd,Sonal from DNA about Puchhkas in Mumbai, kairi kanda chutney, chundo and Surti Kolam. We wound up with my promising Chef Thomas to send samples of Kairi kanda chutney, chundo and murrabo made the south gujarat way to try it out with the Thepla tacos – kind of alternative trial for salsa.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends