Noodle Play – a chain started by Hitesh. We had shared some ideas over a coffee months back and when they launched, he was keen for me to try out the offerings.

After a lot of rigorous followup by him, he pinned me down and threatened me of having the food delivered to my residence even though it was outside the delivery area. I agreed to pick it up on my way home and called up when I was leaving lower parel, so that they could have it ready.

Hitesh was celebrating his birthday in Goa but his Team has been well trained. They confirm the order, a text is sent with the time, the delivery boy details and after delivery for feedback. However here goes the actual product experience:

Indian Chinese – a plethora of them all over and all of us have our own favourites.

There were 4 people at dinner so ordered accordingly, also given the fact that two of them liked paneer very much. So our order was something like this:

Paneer Chilly – Reasonably fine, though found the paneer a bit stringy.

Paneer in Hunan sauce – Excellent and a good choice to go with the rice.

Paneer Kung Pao – Quite good and worth a shot.

Chicken black pepper dry – Excellent choice and perfectly made. There was a taste of pepper 🙂

Chicken in Hunan sauce – very good again but the chicken dry felt better

We avoided the noodles because the rice sounded more chinIndian and opted for

Burnt Garlic rice – Was very good with the garlic in the taste and went well with chicken and paneer in Hunan sauce.

Thai chilli basil rice – was pretty good and could be had simply with dry paneer and chicken.

Overall quite enjoyable. The packing and extras were pretty neat also. People in Bandra need to give it a shot.

Disclaimer A tasting trial offer by the owner

Written by AD
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