Bombay Blue Andheri has long been a favourite of our, particularly my wife, nephews who insist on visiting the place once every couple of months.

I have had excellent, good and okayish experiences there, and shared it with their corporate team also.

They had changed and upgraded the menu and invited me to taste the new offerings at any one of the places. I selected Malad on a Saturday, but had to change it to Friday evening because the Chef Amit Puri also was around and wanted to have a chat.

We reached around 8.45 pm and it was quite full, however a table of 10 was held for us and they expressed surprise when they saw just 2 of us, but then my daughter joined in, since we had planned a movie later.

We started with Margaritas – alcoholic for me which had lime, mint and non alcoholic for the ladies which was watermelon, pomegranate & lemon. All these were made out of fresh fruit and chilled so took a bit of time, but the hunger was addressed by the Nachos served quickly.

This was followed up with chicken tikka salad – tangy, and could be a healthy option too; Corn Bhel was very nice, the presentation with papad and made out of crisp corn, sev, chutney and went well with the Margarita.

The Non Veg Platter (chicken) was ok, nothing outstanding there. the veg Fajita with paneer did not really work for us. The Chicken fajita was good though a bit sweet, which was explained by the Chef as due to the beans, but promised to look into.

The outstanding Kheema Pao has returned back to the menu and I enjoyed it. Felt quite stuffed by then.
The vegetarians enjoyed the wedges/fries combo as well as the spaghetti/macroni combination along with the outstanding chole bhature their signature dish.

This was closed by chocolate cheese cake – needs to be worked upon; brownie with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce which was excellent as usual.

Must Try Chicken Tikka Salad, Kheema, Corn Bhel, Pasta and Brownie.

There are more additions to the menu, but were unable to try more items. Another visit maybe.

As a preview invite, cannot comment on prices and service

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends