Driver’s Training – the single largest complaint once you finally get a driver. Most of us have a problem with the speed, honking, radio volume, mobile phone usage, AC switched on whilst parked, water bottles and other junk etc.

Over the last 25+ years, I have had many drivers and conclude that there is no such thing as “Perfect Driver”. They mould you into becoming a good employer, based on the desperation you have for their services.

An episode 15 years ago, where the driver stood aside and I had to change the punctured wheel, or some of them do not even know how to open the engine bonnet and check, forced me to insist on checking their knowledge and also lay down some ground rules related to the vehicle.

An Automatic Limited edition honda and one of the first top end Innova with captain seat, made it even more relevant to continue with this practice.

Fortunately, both times the Dealers understood my reluctance and since at that point in time, they were very expensive vehicles, helped out in training.

This Saturday, I was first unsure if the dealer would help, but a call to them and they were happy to do so, even though it is not an expensive vehicle.

So the driver was sent off and mainly the following points were covered:

1) Difference between Diesel and Petrol – pickup, acceleration, average etc.
2) The different amenities, usage, settings – Radio, Climate control AC etc
3) Engine housing, coolant and other things.
4) Lights, wipers, spray, cleaning
5) The Stepney usage – removal, fitting etc.

Once this is clear and understood, my points:

1) None of the settings to be touched or changed – for seat and side mirrors, can be changed but to be
left in original condition every evening.
2) Never to have the charger plugged in always.
3) Ensure the tissue box, water bottles are always in place.
4) No junk in the boot.
5) No usage of passenger seat for sleeping.
6) No usage of AC when car empty and parked.
7) Remember dates of PUC, Nitrogen filling up.
8) Check all documents once a month.

Does all of this mean that they will remain trained? NO, however it saves arguments and brings in a bit of discipline.

There is a supposedly a training institute that charges 15000-20000 for training and is mostly embassy, and other drivers who drive the 1 crore plus car, I am given to understand.

And Yes, mostly followed, because I never short change them on Salary, Allowance, Leave, Bonus as well as of course treat them with respect.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends