Anybody who has kept a driver will agree that once they work for a couple of months, you start getting the feeling that they are the owners and you are just hitching a lift with them.

The seat, radio, mirror etc all alignments are done according to their requirements – which is fine – however, even going off duty, they do not bother to change the settings (AND yes I am referring to the regular, even most luxury cars in India that do not have the computerised facility of one button change of setting from memory). If you dare drive the car (your own car) some of them actually feel affronted.

Besides, of course 70% of their personal effects in 2-3 dirty plastic bags dumped underneath the seat/boot or wherever there is space.

I have always been strict about it, having learnt from a dear friend, but the past 6-8 months were lax, due to the fact that the vehicle was old, rattled a bit, had broken and color peeling off and was large enough with captain’s seats.

Finally the time came when it was sold off; luckily the driver also went on leave. Having booked another car and undergone the usual Dealer harrassment – read here the car was delivered. Planning to make a couple of long distance trips before the driver came back – he helped by extending his leave, usual for all drivers – but the trips did not happen due to personal and family emergencies.

Friday, he landed up bearing gifts of buffalo ghee and laddoo from his native place. In the meantime, I had spoken to Ford dealer who promised to impart training for a couple of hours. Asked him to go first thing in the morning on Saturday and then come. Promptly at 9 am there was a call, informing me that he was outside, asking me which car should he take for training. Years have been kind and I do not anger easily, so told him to take the godamn train.

He returned by 3pm and since it was a saturday, with no plans of going anywhere, gave the keys to both cars asking him not to remove from the parking (which is outside the building, due to renovation happening).

Sunday afternoon, going for lunch and a movie, opened the vehicle and promptly banged my head trying to sit – Seat had been elevated and brought to the front, AC with climate control on 16, radio station changed and volume on 17, inside lights switched off etc etc. Swearing profusely with N & K laughing at me, made it thru the day.

Monday morning, refused to hand over the keys to him, till I came down and blasted him about the seat changes – answer was, I was leaving for home so left it like that. For the first time, he heard, sensed my anger when I asked him “Gandu gaadi tera hai ya mera”.

I trust this answers the question for those who asked “Why Driver’s need Training?”

For those who asked about the training, please read here.

Written by AD
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