PayTm the wallet app was something I never had a need to use till a couple of months ago, when Airtel, Reliance payment sites were giving me trouble, and hence used PayTm which provided me with a pretty smooth experience.

In the month and half, whilst waiting for vehicle delivery, used Uber for which again PayTm was a necessity and most of the time worked well.

And, then I decided to buy something for my new vehicle – simple stuff – floor mats and car cover.

The purchase was smooth, delivery quite some time, but since there was no commitment so was ok with it.

The mats were delivered first – small in size and quite cheap – checked prices of exactly similar at couple of stores, and the price was lower compared to paid (after 50% off).

The car cover was delivered a week later and was a complete let down – thin, out of proportion to the vehicle and just not what one expected. Tweeted about it but no response.

Overall, during my usage of the App,

What worked

Smooth UI/UX
Wallet mostly worked seamlessly
Recharge for mobile, electricity worked perfectly.
A bit of problem or Q were answered by their customer service/CEO immediately.

What did not work

Market Place and cash back
Price, Product
No response to the feedback.

I will continue to use the app, but mostly for recharge or wallet convenience. Marketplace experience was similar to ShopClues and they would seriously need to up their seller identification and customer service game if they wish to continue with the marketplace. Because discounts can only take you to a certain level.

Written by AD
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