TinyOwl the heavily funded food distribution/delivery aggregator/disrupter was quite interesting to me and I have blogged about it here and here

Having ordered more than 10+ times from them, with a 50% ratio of on time delivery, with feedback over mail and no resolution except ‘Sorry sir’ we will look into the matter.

The two episodes that put me off were:

Episode One

Ordered basic sandwiches in Lower Parel that were delivered late and with one less sandwich, which was shared as feedback, but no response at all. The question was not of Rs. 30/- but more of a service recovery.

Episode Two

Happened last week, ordered a combo in Lokhandwala, where the promised delivery was 45 minutes and became 65 minutes on the app, no communication, order after that was delivered earlier. Finally when it was delivered, it had an additional bag that had some chole bhature which we never ordered in the first place. A missed call and text that we tried to get in touch with you.



Besides this the smaller things which are irksome – Technology is just a mean to make life easy, customer service and attitude needs to be factored in which seems to be seriously lacking.

I am a sucker for customer service/service recovery and mostly end up giving chances, but this definitely gets my goat. Whilst my daughter or office colleagues may use, for me it is a dead end.

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