Svenska – Miro a place very close to where I stay and quite a nice place, a favourite to have a quick tipple some years ago, but some food and service issues with other options opening up, led it to be side lined.

A while back they introduced Live stations for buffet, announcing it thru hoardings, and we decided to give it a shot, one wet dreary evening.

I had been itching to try ‘Dine Out’ the app for booking and availing of discount; but gave up after 4 tries. Called up direct and reserved a table.

The first floor is a small place with the tables placed right in from of the bar and food, with an open kitchen.

We began with the soup – Veg Mongolian was pretty ok, Chicken lemon coriander needed a bit of seasoning. This was followed by Chaat – Sev Puri – Ok; Dahi Puri was nice and repeated; Pani Puri was excellent, the pani masala was very good and chilled so repeated again.

From the Oriental grill – Chicken peri peri was barely passable, with the masala not even tasting peri peri, Fish Chilli was served and announced as Chicken and had to inform three of them before they agreed that it was Fish and that too Basa. The veg balls in schezwan sauce were excellent and hence repeated by my daughter. The Bruschetta were bad – soggy toast instead of a crisp one.

From the Tandoori Kebabs – Paneer Tikka was passable, but burnt from the sides, baby corn amritsari passable; avoided the fish and Murg Banjara Tikka were white with nary a tinge of masala.

Dimsum – Both veg and chicken were pathetic – the skin was actually sticky and barely hot.

The wood oven pizza was the star of the evening – excellent, better than many places I’ve had and the repeat was even better.

The rest of the main course was the normal buffet, which I personally gave a miss. The desserts were nice particularly the cup cakes, ice cream, brownie but the Gulab Jamuns were stone cold.

Over all more misses than hits an definitely not on my repeat list.

Location: Lokhandwala
Meal: Dinner
Food: 5/10
Drinks: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Damages: 3900/- for 3 people including service charges & taxes.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends