Some time two weeks ago, I had made a credit card payment to ICICI Bank, which rewarded me with some coupons on a specially made page of ‘CouponDunia’. The amount was Rs. 5000/- so decided to take a look. Found absolutely nothing of interest; in fact Flipkart coupon saying “Avail Deals of The Day: Avail exciting offers everyday on various categories. No coupon code required.”

Tweeted about it ICICI Payment gives you some couponindia coupons which suck big time. ‘Free’ Flipkart coupons are given.

Three days later I receive a response from CEO of Coupon Dunia Sameer Parwani which said ‘thank u! I was feeling bad that one of India’s biggest serial whiners had never whined about us. we’ve made it to the bigtime.’


There was a flurry of tweets exchanged, mostly polite, asking for reference, relevance for the accusation, which was not responded and then it died a natural death.

In the meantime, ICICI bank called up and I explained the tweet to them and they responded as below:

Dear Mr. Desai,

We acknowledge the receipt of your complaint addressed to ICICI Bank regarding your Savings Bank Account 000401115079.

As per our telephonic conversation of July 13, 2015, we have registered your complaint vide Service Reference Number SRxxxxxxxxxxxx.

We understand that you have the following complaint:
Limited offers and discounts are available on coupondunia site to use the voucher which take time to use the coupon amount of Rs. 5,000.00.
I am the designated manager looking into your concern and I request you to allow me time till 21:00 hrs. of July 16, 2015 to update you with the status.

I made another payment to ICICI Bank Credit card, And promptly enough another Rs. 5000/- coupons were given to me today.

As ‘India’s biggest whiner’ it behove me to go back and check, so I could whine about it. This is how it unfolded:


There are no unique coupons, most of them are locked coupons, where one probably ends up using 50-60,000 to avail of 5-10,000 worth of coupons. In short, there is absolutely no value addition or differentiation for a customer.

Does it work, mostly yes based on the funnel theory of ICICI base offering. And given that ICICI has opted for the generic stuff and CouponDunia has been bought out by Times of India, they must be making money somewhere or getting users.

As a customer, does it personally make sense to me: NO! Most of the offerings are too generic in nature and not valuable enough. Do I have a right to say so – As a customer YES! Does the CEO of CouponDunia have a right to keep selling, or responding – YES!

Calling me a Whiner – Fair enough; but as I say, if you can’t take the heat, do not light a fire. As a business owner, learn from customers, engage with them; But Hey! What do I know? I’m old, retired and a Whiner!

Written by AD
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