After the spate of Food Delivery Apps, it was the time for Blue Collar Apps – Repairing, Carpenter, Driver, Maid etc.

In the month of June, desperate for AC to be repaired, carpenter immediately needed and of course how can one forget the plumber. And all of this was for my MotherShip who still believes that there is no traffic in Bombay (pigs can fly) and that her son is still a corporate honcho with relevant access.

My speed dial and regular people were away to ‘Gaon’ and in desperation decided to try out one of these apps.

Downloaded three of them – HandyHome, Work Horse and TaskBob.

The first two had connectivity problem with my phone, did not service the area of my residence so decided to go for TaskBob.

Booked Carpenter service twice. The first time, the carpenter kept talking to me and did not turn up. The excuses ranged from – Can I come tomorrow morning? I am at Kandivali lokhandwala, where is your house? Oh it is in Andheri, then you cancel and rebook appointment. All this reminded me of the great Ola and Uber drivers.

The second time, one call to confirm and then never heard, so when customer care called, cancelled it.

Found a reference of reference of my speed dial regulars and got it done = Carpentry work after 15 days; AC had to be changed and plumber called up Hindware.


The good things

1. Customer service responded.
2. CEO wrote a mail acknowledging the feedback.
3. At least the booking was taken & carpenter called.

The bad things

1. Resolution was left open.
2. The same customer/prospect having the same problem, keep an eye to attempt service recovery before
the cancellation happened.
3. Timing, access, convenience and guarantee is what the service is all about, which fell flat for me.

The Gaps

Proposition and brand behaviour needs to be worked upon. There is a fair amount of disorganised market which will benefit here. However, the expectation and customer journey mapping is still in the nascent stage for all of them. Initially and ideally, do not try to change the world or create an ecosystem, ride on somebody else and then create one.

Will I try one of them again?

Probably yes, just for the convenience & guarantee.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends