Brands, cocky, How dare they – Thrash them say the consumers, customers, influencers.

Consumers cocky, barrage us, ask us – screw them say the brands.

Is anything right or wrong here?
Consumers believe they are King.
Brands believe that this is mostly incorrect.
Some brands agree that ‘Consumers are King’ if they are powerful, influencers, A listers.

An early morning interesting tweet by Chinmay and Girish Mallya got me to check what had their panties in a twist, this Thursday. Whilst reading that, saw Surekha ask some balanced and valid questions. (As an aside, I mostly think 4-5 times before answering or questioning her) You can read about all that here

For those who came late and cannot open storify due to network issues 🙂

@Chin80 read about a beer festival in 50 countries etc and asked some of the craft beer brands what plans. @Girishmallya also expressed interest. Based on their interaction with brands, the response was ok, to good, to sarcy and sarcy. And then it went downhill and all over the place.

My personal experience over the years on Social Media has been:

1) It is OK to read case studies, tweets about how a brand has been cocky and gathered following, as long as it does not affect us directly.
2) It is OK to hunt, thrash a brand down if it affects us or our own directly.
3) I have tweeted bad things, accept and send me freebies.
4) I have tweeted good things, accept, honour me and be beholden to me for ever.
5) I am a brand, how dare you suggest anything to me.
6) If you can be cocky I can repeat the favour.
7) I have been funded, do not try and teach me how to run my business and brand.
8) If you do not accept my suggestions/feedback change yourself, I will keep thrashing you.
9) If I call, email you my problems you do not listen or answer; hence I tweet & my friends/followers RT.

Some suggestions

1) You are the King & will be treated as long as you respect me (brand).
2) You can provide feed back/suggestions, but it is up to me to decide whether I take it up or not.
3) Your priority may not always be my priority.
4) Everything cannot be solved on Twitter or Social Media.
5) Do not get hung up by your follower count, it rarely means something in real life.
6) Expect consumers or brands to behave in a biased manner when there is a relationship vs transactional discourse.
7) Wear your influencer badge lightly.
8) Treat Service Recovery as your holy grail if you’re a brand.
9) Brands – Do not go beyond 3 tweets on a debate. Apologise, ask the person to write to you.

As a part of generational shift, brands and users are getting younger, cockier, arrogant which may be good – jury is still out on that, but personally I think Respect and goodwill is earned, not demanded.

Above all Shite happens. Accept it. Do not take it personally.

Disclaimer Brand has been used loosely and does not denote year, age, acceptance.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends