MotoG from Motorola – A phone that was sort of the rage with its price, specs during the launch. Having a need of 2nd phone after using Nexus for two years, decided to buy one of them, however ended up buying two, because N said that her Samsung phone (6 months old) was rubbish.

Perfect delivery via FlipKart, had a few hiccups on getting it charged, which seemed to be a natural problem and we were good to go.

6 months later, N started facing problems with the 2nd sim not being recognised. Asked for help on Twitter and learnt that there was an inbuilt customer care, which helped, ran thru whatever was suggested twice, before they also gave up and asked us to go to Dadar to their service center.

One Saturday 4th or 5th July N trudged her way and handed over the phone and was told that it should be ready in couple of days and we will call you.

Week 1 – No update, cannot get thru to their only number.

Week 2 – No update, N managed to get thru and was told they would call. I managed to get thru and was told parts awaited and would be ready next week.

Week 3 – No update, cannot get thru the phone line. Sent an email, no response. Tweeted to Motorola, who responded after a day or so and asked for details. Provided them, sent an email. In the meantime located the Service Center company called B2X the customer care company.

Motorola Support swung into action, followed up, was told that I could collect it, so went to collect it – 4th of August, exactly one month after giving it.

The place is located in a smelly industrial gala in Dadar, on the 2nd floor, which is like a strain and looks like a railway station. Gave the receipt, phone was dumped and the person walked away. And I returned home to a happy wife who commented “Why do Brands act only when people like you tweet?” I honestly did not want to answer that.

A few specific points about my experience:

1. In this age, how difficult is it to have multiple methods of acknowledgement & updation?
2. Why is the accessibility to the service center, people, information made so difficult?
3. How much more does it cost to have a decent place and invest in just that additional bit of training
4. Your product is good, brand communication strong which made me buy/invest in it. BUT the behaviour is wanting, leading one to rethink when one wants to upgrade or buy a new phone.
5. B2X website shows how it is a customer care company, but their behaviour is not even remotely close. Their regional office in Andheri east did not even bother to acknowledge mails, nor care about the customers. And yes, in Dadar it was the same for every customer waiting there with angst and frustration. They apparently handle Motorola, Lenevo, Micromax.

This may be a business opportunity for a Startup. Help B2X become more customer friendly; and help consumers access service – delivery and pickup etc.

Written by AD
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