I received this a couple of days back – Are Socks the new Neck Tie and took me back in time.

A couple of months ago, the stylish but staid Saradar Joy was hammered into trying out colorful socks by @Aparna_Jain and myself; ably supported by @TheflyingSikh. He did begin to change and is well on the way to trying different colours.

All this reminded me of my tryst with Socks and Ties, that began a long time ago.

As a newly minted ‘Marketing Executive’ fresh from campus, wearing a tie (borrowed from father’s cupboard) felt restrictive, though not abnormal given the fact that school tie was compulsory, learned to love it and began experimenting. The objective was simple – Get people to remember you as the person wearing a unique Tie. With rise in position and different location, wearing a jacket became compulsory and Ties got more unique.

Sometime in early 90’s on my first trip abroad, fell in love with a store that kept Ties, and picked up quite a number. The Singaporean lady asked me to take a look at some socks they had – vivid, colorful, comics, super heroes – they were all there. My love began. Started matching the Tie and Socks. More sober and staid the suit, wilder the Tie and Socks. So much so, that colleagues, some clients used to wait for me to return from trips to see what was the new design. AND would I share, give away some of the earlier Ties.

Somewhere, in 2009 my travels stopped. Completely. Moved away to a Non Suit required industry, so no Ties and Socks were over.

Beginning of 2015 N & K had gone shopping and picked up a couple of Socks that were bright, vivid and something that brought the past back. The love rekindled, and I was off to a new start. Converting as many as I can on this journey 🙂

Once upon a time, Sunil Lulla and I were the torch bearers – we still are, but now there should be many more, as it has shown 🙂

Do you wear colourful socks? Share your story or at least a photograph.

Written by AD
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