This is owned by the same owners as that of Bandra and the erstwhile Aoi. Soon after they had opened, I had visited with a friend, but just drinks and starters, which were pretty nice and reasonable.

An invite to taste the food and a chance to catch up with Chef Mitesh, took me there for drinks and dinner last week on a Wednesday. Being a working day, I preferred 7.30 pm. Walking in, saw it was quite full, with two entry – steps and a roll down which was accessible by a wheel chair.

The outside is pretty pleasant, quiet and could see quite a number of smokers enjoying their drinks. But decided to opt for the inside. A lovely Swing, Jhoola with a table was on the right, looked longingly, however opted out given my weight.

We were approached by Prashant the restaurant manager, who apologised on behalf of Mitesh, who had an emergency.

Quickly seated and we were served Spiced Bloody Mary – not something I like, but was fine, N actually liked it, given that the alcohol was pretty mild. Boiled peanuts with a bit of salt, sauce went quite well with it. A must try.

The other drinks were Spiced Martini – very good and Chok De – nice.

In starters this was followed by Stir Fry Mushrooms – Quite good, given that I’m not a mushroom lover 🙂 Prawns DimSum – The only let down of the evening. The skin was doughy, cold and resembled neither a dim sum nor a momo. Tofu in Magic Sauce – Outstanding. A must order. Tofu was lightly sauteed and the mixture of sauce went amazingly well. A good starter with Drinks. Veg Spring Roll – Quite nice but not something that I would order.

Tooka breather and then followed it up with –

Fish Bao & Mushroom Bao – The flavour of the season and restaurants and quite good, definitely worth a try.
Chicken Laksha – was pretty decent whilst the Veg Laksha was better according to N. But to me it tasted the same.
Srilankan Curry – Quite good, but tasted a tad bland, which was soon rectified with the options of sauces and went pretty well. The stick rice was well made.

We finally ended the mean with Date Pancakes and Gauva ice cream which is a must.

Must Try: Boiled Peanuts, Tofu in magic sauce, fish bao, Sri Lankan curry, Gauva ice cream.
Drinks – Spiced Martini

For an early evening on Wednesday they were half full and by the time we left around 9.15pm there was a waiting, which is pretty good. The pricing is pretty good and the happy hours makes it worth while.

Disclaimer: I was on the personal invitation of Chef Mitesh and Lemon Leaf.

Written by AD
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