I had tried out Blue Collar Apps, where Task Bob was also tried out. You can read about it Here

As committed I tried out once again over the weekend. Tried it on 15th August morning and promptly received an answer ‘Thank you for booking with us.. order nos………xyz would be there at 17.00 today’

Having been unwell and in an accident on Friday, decided to take a nap and therein the problem began – 5+ calls from the Plumber with the following:

1) Mein Plumber bol raha hoon, aap ke yahan 5 baje aana hai? Of course aana hai
2) Aaj thoda problem hai, mein kal subah aau toh chalega. Nahi cancel karo
Asked him to cancel the visit.
3) Which bus will I take to reach your place. 242 and get down at circle
4) I am in the bus and it will take time, so 5 pm will not be possible. Theek hai
5) I am below your building, and watchman is not allowing me to come up. Speaking to the security realise, that the plumber did not know the name of the person who he was to visit (namely me)

Daughter showed the little work, he went, bought the part and installed it. Cost of part was some 375-385 and he asked for 200 as service charge. Paid and he left.

At least he had reached and worked, though there was nothing different. My regular guy could have been called for same/lower price. However the email and text from TaskBob said that the fees were 150/-, which means he charged more or informed TaskBob less.

Does the 50-75 matter to me – Not really in a trial. But all the other things –

1) So many calls? Then what use is the App.
2) Confirmation of time for convenience is why an APP is used
3) Is the name, details not shared? Or device is different?
4) Is there a ID card or something?

It is a difficult business to harness these cowboys and am glad somebody is doing it, but there are many small things that should take care of the customer pain points which somehow all APPS seem to be missing out.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends