I have had wonderful experiences with Amazon for the last 5-6 years and always left with a WoW feeling!

The last couple of times I have ordered stuff and it says select 2 day delivery. After selecting the product and making payment the dates flash where the default delivery option is 2-6 days. AND they’ve never delivered in 2 days, because the 2 day option is at an extra charge.

Irritating for sure, but not a deal breaker for me.  However, beginning a new project and requiring some books, ordered for trial with the same problem, so decided to keep a watch and find out where the problem is.

Ordered on the 24th August and 2 day flashed but no delivery on 26th but possibly on 29th.

Decided to check yesterday and point it out to Amazon. The pictures say it all.

The answers are a confused lot when you look at the App which has option lower and seeming have no relevance to logic. Why would you ask me to select 2 day when you are telling me the dispatch day after post.

Also there is no delivery charge after a certain amount so Amazon saves money by not shipping it express but by lot/other means. So they offset that expense. In which case the option should be left for me to decide.

Will it make a difference to my shopping now?

YES! Will check what is exactly the delivery, decide if life and death and then probably order if somebody else is not offering a better deal.

Written by AD
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