Episode 1: We have a client in Kalbadevi and I have had an occasion to visit at least once a week. Given that there are nice old, famous eateries, that one has not tried for years, there is a tendency to try them out. Given the fact that I am a sucker for new trials, decided to be smart about it and used an App. Ordered, Paid and waited. The requisite number of texts and updates received but no food; till finally the APP delivery boy called, did not understand the address, the usual drama till the food was delivered.

This happened with three different eateries multiple times; but like a glutton for punishment I continued.

One fine day trying to order – the APP said – ONLY CASH. Managed somehow. And the delivery was done by a person from the eatery who came with his spiel of “Why do you want to order from the App; order direct, it will be faster, 10% off if above Rs. 750/- etc.” And yes he delivered in 10 min both times compared to 45 minutes of the APP delivery mechanism.

Episode 2: My aged mother stays with me and is finicky about the medicine delivery etc. And we have a medical chain shop closeby where we have an account number and they deliver pretty fast. 2016 they were also bit by the “Delivery disruption with technology model” and they outsourced their delivery to a famous funded New Age Logistics company. Ordered medicines, 3 reminders but not delivered, remembered another medicine, called up found that the package had still not been sent, asked them to add the other medicine. 15 minutes later, a well dressed delivery boy came with the initial packet of medicines; on being questioned said ‘That did not fall in my time/route some spiel’ Told him to go and get that medicine, he asked me to speak to the medical store, gave him Rs.500/- for a bill of Rs. 385/- he did not have change, so scrounged around and gave him that. An hour later another person for the balance medicine, again no change

Episode 3: Well known funded hyperlocals who promised deliver in 45 min when they launched in August 2015 and now are at 120 minutes. They have 12 grocers and a list of items. Used them frequently and acted as an advocate also; till the time increased and the delivery went to the dogs. Order of regular branded biscuits meant 4 calls to check, we cannot find this brand/category/material whatever, can we send this or this or that. And surprisingly to check, called up the same grocer and another one who could deliver the merchandise in less than 15 minutes.

As a consumer in both my pain points

– I do not want to waste my time explaining my order to the eatery.
– It can be done quietly without disturbing work or anybody.
– Payment does not become an issue; do not want client obligation.
– Aged parent at home does not get hassled.
– Immediate and convenience is taken care off
– I do not ask for discounts, just service

Do I care about

– Uniformed staff for delivery
– Bike couriers
– Staff being paid Rs. 25000/- and not taking a Tip from me?
– Receiving 3 texts of update and 1 text asking for feedback?
– The App offering options of Wallet, Debit, Credit, Net banking & none of them working?

So which pain point of mine are you really addressing here? What exactly are you differentiating? What value are you adding? There is a consumer, supplier, delivery boy (all humans) and the commodity = Do not see Technology anywhere, except in your PR or advertising Blurbs.

On the contrary, neither are you running an efficient revenue model, nor are you alleviating consumer pain point, nor are your disrupting anything for the betterment, but screwing up existing business model.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends