Domino’s Pizza the world famous chain in India, from where I personally rarely order; but my wife and nephews love to order. For a long time I had avoided ordering, convincing my wife about better Pizzas and service available.

Today she insisted, and with Apps being in vogue tried – Swiggy, Scootsy, TinyOwl – none of them had it listed. Finally, Opened Zomato which had online delivery. Began booking – selected, clicked and then the first shock – only cash accepted, agreed and went forward to get error “something went wrong, Try later” Did that thrice over 40 minutes till N reached home which led to my quickly calling up the outlet in lokhandwala.

Picked up promptly, asked for my number and informed me ‘You are outside our delivery area. Duh! for 10 years I was being served and suddenly? There is a new Domino’s opened there, so please call them up. I said, why don’t you take my order and sort it out or transfer. No we cannot do that, please take down the number (in the typical robotic monotone).

Now, it was an emergency. N was hungry and like all good husbands, I had claimed ‘everything under control’. Visuals of nuclear started appearing. Braveheart that I am, called the number 022-26301901 ‘Welcome to Domino’s Pizza, this is aabbbabaa speaking, may I have your contact number’ Gave the number and was promptly told ‘You’re not registered with us’ Shared with her, about the lokhandwala details and was informed that this is new store and there is no data. Gave her the address, details but was told I cannot understand where it is. People who know where I stay, will vouch for the location 🙂 then the phone was transferred to two other people, who finally agreed that they knew the address, madam naya hai and took the order down – the request to speak to the manager being ignored first and then being told “He is busy with customer of birthday party” Finally, I said ‘I am also a customer, do you want me to come there and have a party with you?’

The Store manager came on the line, with no answer to

  • Why the database is not synchronised?
  • Why the lady cannot look at the delivery map and confirm?
  • Why did the asst store manager not address the issue?

The Template answer “Sorry, Sir. Sorry, Sir will train the lady better. Sorry, Sir, next time you won’t face this problem” Upon asking how can you assure that – I was given his personal mobile number and the outlet mobile number. *Sigh* by that time I had exhausted myself or I would have asked him, what happens if he leaves.

Luckily N received the pizza within 30 minutes and is satisfied, hopefully for another 6-9 months before I deal with them again.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends