Finally when Tiny Owl was getting it’s act together, it started falling apart – lot of restaurants stopped accepting online payment and the only way you knew was when you placed the order; delays of delivery etc.

I had been trying out Swiggy for a while, in fact got into a brief conversation also with one of their founders Sriharsha Majety a while back – here

Their 4th delivery went for a complete toss last Thursday. Ordered via them from Burger King for my mother, who was alone at home. I also decided to partake. Since I was at Juhu circle and the app showed 30-45 min, I immediately ordered. Smooth as usual and by the time I reached home it showed delivered.

I entered and Boom, the wife who had walked in 5 min ago asked me what happened to the food. Told her, and got a sharp reprimand ‘Stuff your apps, find out where it has been delivered’ Now the App does not allow me to call unless I fill in the feedback, weird or was it my ioS; hurriedly did so, and then there is nobody to call, cannot see the number. So tweeted to them in desperation, whilst ordering a grill sandwich from my trusty sandwichwallah. Received an answer that they are looking into it.

Delivery man Kishan called up, saying he has delivered, upon asking where, he said in your place next to the lift, 502 whereas I stay in 501. So he asked me if I could pick it up from them. I said No thank you; please cancel my order, because it is nearly an hour after delivery.

Ten minutes later, he comes having picked up the packet and tries to give it, which I refuse to accept; in the meantime he is trying to juggle two smart phones trying to call customer service and his senior. I wait with him for a while, before politely saying, please cancel my order and closing the door. Another ten minutes later, he rings the bell and says customer service would like to speak to me.

The said gentleman apologises, says they are processing my refund and if I would like to or at least keep the packet. I ask him, why would I want to? So I am asked if I would like a fresh order to be delivered, again refused and finally I end the conversation. Whilst handing over the phone I ask Kishan, did he not read the flat number? did he not ask the person who opened the door about the number? He forgot, and the person who opened the door, took the packet and said online order and took it.

After, this is over I see a tweet of apology on my time line.

Plus & Minus

  • Delivery boy immediately accepted the mistake and went out of his way to try and convince the customer (4/5)
  • Since empowerment may have been an issue, he still made every effort (4/5)
  • The Delivery supervisor did not want to be accountable, so kept pushing him to speak to customer service and couldn’t give him the number (1/5)
  • Trying to get to customer service easily by consumer (1/5)
  • Delivery boy managing to get to customer service easily (1/5)
  • No escalation matrix of journey plan with inward dialling (1/5)

So, yes definitely much to look at, which they must be doing; but the resolution and reaching out was superb and much better compared to others.

Will I use the services again, definitely. And hope the % comes down and they add more places which do not have a delivery mechanism in place. And yes I do not mind paying Rs 20-25-50 bucks depending on order value.

Written by AD
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