Thanks to Lavin and Kanchan kumar TIE Ahmedabad decided to invite me to talk about my Life learnings for their members.

Normally, I would avoid a special trip, but coincidentally I was slated to be in Ahmedabad and so said yes.

After a number of calls, and my reassurance that I would reach on time; I did so and they realised that I knew Ahmedabad.

Entering the room, saw it quite full, with people actually standing at the back, some sitting in the aisle, started wondering and feeling a bit lost. But the Show must go on.

Asked how many were working, MBAs, CA, PG and found that nearly 90% of them were wanting to turn entrepreneurs without taking a risk. Simply put, wanted a magic wand that gave them a concept, idea, funds and they became Ambani, Bansals, whatever….

Having understood, pushed them for an interactive session. Ran thru my journey, glossed the winnings, focussed on failures; and took some examples from those present. A few interacted, a few tried their luck in asking how can we get funds before somebody asked about what should they keep in mind before turning entrepreneurs.

Keeping in mind the audience –

  1. Break barriers – family, friends
  2. Be ahead of the curve – Do not think today; Think 2 years from today
  3. Experiment – You are sub 30. You can afford to.
  4. Accept challenges & take risks
  5. Personal goal setting – as important or even more.
  6. Invest – in people, learning, meeting, building and maintaining relationships.

Upon winding up, many asked for my email id – which I readily shared, with a caveat that they need to send me a problem and their solution approach. I have received just one email in the past 45+ days.

But, what was heartening that People actually came from Baroda which is 100+ kms away AND an ex employee came up, introduced himself and share his success, thanking me for teaching him. My day ended on a HIGH


Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends