A contest for young, where Deepali of Mahindra Holidays convinced me to act as a judge.

A tough job indeed, but managed to do so. After sending the information, a couple of days later, I received an email that carried a gift voucher to be used for two nights, at any Mahindra resort.

Given the brief time, decided to try out something closeby and opted for Mahableshwar, N having never ever visited and my last visit was eons ago.

Planned, booked and off we went. A long but decent drive, with getting off a couple of times, finally managed to reach by late afternoon.

Checked in and alloted a room, a large Dak bungalow kind of room, facing the garden, with a small verandah; had me crashing out, tired after the long drive.

Awoke after a while and N was still asleep, decided to take a dekho and found some activities slated, but the family crowd was more keen on going to Mahableshwar for shopping or stocking up, given that it was a dry day.

I decided so, but was told that it gets dark pretty quick and better to take the car. Drove down to the town center and everyone was in the process of shutting down – 7.30 pm – though the restaurants – fancy or otherwise were open. Found a long Queue at the booze shop reminscent of Delhi, but was quickly attended to.

Picked up some nice Seng dana and chips; reached the resort with a couple of wrong turns, to find a note from N that she had gone for some Tambola and Singing activity.

Made myself home, outside with an old monk, contemplating the dark, brought back memories of the Tea Estates or Assam at night.

N soon came over, with her winnings from Tambola and off we went for dinner – buffet and ala carte options, however the buffet looked quite good and given that we wanted to have a quick bite and go back decided to opt for it.

A decently lavish spread, though the vegetarian was a bit lacking. I decided to partake from Italian, but two kids came up to me and said ‘this is the kids section’. So apologised and requested that I be allowed, which they graciously did so.

The next day was a lazy day spent lazing around or just a walk; N had her thursday fast so I tried out a sanwich – outstanding, with the bread being baked locally and good preserves with it, besides of course great masala chai.

One of the activity leaders came and made a lovely Ganesha from towels, which I asked if we could carry away, but alas No.

Being Thursday night, N’s fasting day we went quickly at 7.45 for dinner and found that the ala carte would take longer today, but buffet that was not too good was laid out.

So went for it, but a complete let down. To reconfirm my thoughts asked if the Chef was on holiday, which was so and the service was also a serious let down.

The next morning was a quick wrap and we were back by late evening, with the mandatory stop over for vada, missal.


  • Nice location
  • Large rooms
  • Peaceful
  • Room service quite good
  • Reception and security quite good


  • Bathroom quite shabby
  • Room switches not working
  • Lock of door not working
  • Buffet service quite bad – refilling taking time
  • Food options limited, but resort kind.

According to N, this is not a place she would come for an occasion, but maybe good for my retreat.


Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends