Read about it and had wanted to visit, but something held me back in the first week.

One Saturday The Teen Patti decided to make it a boys lunch and off we went.

I had made a reservation the previous day for 12.30 pm. Reached and were escorted quickly inside. The briefing session was still on but we were allowed to choose our table and we began the menu perusal.

On a current status of No Drinks went on to try Mintilicious – quite good, chilled and hit the spot. Tuskar was also quite good. But the Mumbai Chatka was outstanding and #MustHave.

On starters we began with Pind da hummus – dal vada with jeera flavoured hummus – really very good and we ordered another round. We also ordered Dalim Shakkarkand which was outstanding. And as gujjus we can make that out.

In non veg we ordered Mamak Lamb chops – Outstanding. Our hardcore non veg friend inhaled the entire plate without questions and gave a satisfied burp. But asked he said Theek tha.

We wanted to try the chef’s special do chicken potli and bekti but were told that it is not available that day! Quite sad and I asked them how can the chef’s special not be available. Apparently it had not come was the answer.

Whilst we ordered the Bunny Chow – Veg. Because one of us wanted to try it out. It was quite tasty but I’ve definitely had much better and more importantly was part of the restaurant who launched it in Mumbai in 2014.

The server came back with the information of Bekti being available and yes it was superb. Definitely #MustHave

Finished off by a dessert off the cart which was definite let down, so much so that I don’t remember the name also.

 One of my pet peeves is the service and attitude bit and this was quite putting off here. Being the only table, we actually had to call and wave our hands for service and water. Most of the staff was near the entrance or open kitchen. Staff was friendly but explaining food with a supercilious air again doesn’t work for me.

The jacketed gentlemen were no better. AND facing the kitchen with back to the guests is again a No. If a senior person has spoken to you, then you do not send a junior to inform your guests is what I’ve always learnt.

Ambiance 3.5/5

Food 4.5/5

Service 3/5

Damages: ₹6000 odd incl taxes for 3 people.

Will I go back: Yes for the food, but hoping the service changes to meet expectations.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends