A trial of Veg at a client’s place many moons ago and then it fell off the radar.  Another reason being, it is located on the same road, where couple of other places are located, which I frequent more due to the company I keep.
Landed up this week with a friend, after being pushed into it. And the first friendly face I see is of Nisha the server at Bru Cafe – always smiling and with a sharp memory. Soon after Lolita the owner came bustling in. She and her partner who are well travelled, love food (hate the term foodie) wanted to give it a shot. Began with PoPups before finalising on the place.

It has seating for around 15-18 in a squeeze outside and 3-4 inside. Evening and a bit of breeze made us opt for outside.

We sit down and peruse the menu, and decide to try a couple of things – non veg mostly – and began, by leaving the ordering in her capable hands.
Lush lamb burger – Outstanding is the only word to describe it. I’ve like burgers at a lot of places, but hate if the bun turns soggy or the pattice is soft. Here it was crunchy right thru and the taste was just right #MustHave
The Goan Desi – Quite good, though I am not a great chorizo fan, but the caramalized onions and just the right sauces made it quite good. #TryIt
The Champ – Mutton was quite nice, went well with pao and chutney, but not something that I would order again if I am by myself. Note: Tell them to make it normal salted, because as a rule they undersalt it.
The Wild Thing – Laal Maas – taste and mix with cracked wheat porridge was quite nice, but again not my cuppa.
Desi Chicken Stoo – Another superb dish with Brun Pav, which helps soak the hot stew and the chicken was quite good. #TryIt
The veg salad was pretty good, but the ulta patla salli are superb and a #MustHave
The dessert of preference was Desi Cup Cake. #TryIt
Dark chocolate 54% milk shake was another outstanding offering. Not sweet, just perfect #MustHave

The portions are enough for one normal person.
Overall a nice cute place, definitely worth a repeat but Burgers, Hot Dogs and Shakes get my vote. We carried a take away and also ordered the Lush lamb burger the next day 🙂
Disclaimer: The tasting was on invite by Lolita the owner of the place. The take away and order were paid for as is customary for me.

Written by AD
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