Perzen the young Bawi Bride who has been cooking for a long time.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her many a times, where she always greets me with a wide grin and after having missed a couple of invites, unfailingly asks when, if I am every going to try her cooking.

It was a couple of months ago, after a particular quick meeting, she demanded the address and said I want you to try out the food. You can’t make time, the food will make time.

Promptly enough, the next day she sent the food – limited on my insistence – Chicken patties / chop – different people call it differently, I just say it was delicious.

This was followed by Chicken Dhansak which I shared with my father in law, who having worked with a lot of Parsi’s in his banking days found it delicious, so much so he asked if he could clean it up with the lovely kachumber.

The sweet Lagan nu custard is something that I am unable to make my mind up – not about the taste, which was good But different houses there have been slightly different colour and taste. But then I am a sparse sweet eater.

Time passed, and I had actually forgotten about this, but checking Scootsy out for something to order for my Father in law found Bawi Bride is featured there and delivers. Superb stuff. His weekend is sorted.

My photographs don’t do justice, given our hunger, so have borrowed a photograph from her and Aneesh Bhasin.


Written by AD
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