OTP woes.
I rarely need an alarm clock – for reasons that are painful and funny, but another time. However, the past couple of years the Banks and Telcos have joined hands to provide me with one.
It can be anytime from 4-8 am in the morning and the barrage of texts that go ping pong – you have balance which is enough for one Vada pav, you need to put more money, invest here, there everywhere, invoice sent and 7 reminders before due date which is 3 weeks away.
Earlier this used to raise my BP, then one got used to it just like the smog, traffic, slums in Bombay.
Two days ago they stopped. I did not miss them. However, I had made a decent sized payment whilst dining out and I wanted to be sure.
I also was reminded by N that I needed to order xyz from Amazon. So did that, it took me to the CC page, I clicked on OTP and there was no incoming text for me to enter the number. Tried this 5 times and of course the order got cancelled and then price went up by 40%.
I had to undertake a journey so Uber it was – don’t ask what happened to driver & car – went, payment done. Then realised did not have enough money in uber for return trip.
In the meantime on advise of many well wishers who apparently are more tech savvy started and shut down the phone multiple times. No change. Tried sending message from the nos and it reached. Tried sending message to nos and it does not reach.
Finally, factory reset. Status quo.
Paid money in Airtel account, since prepaid. Status quo.
Uber allows Paytm. Paytm needs recharge. Recharge needs OTP. All around in circles.
So old time Rick and Taxi travel ruled.
Enlisted ‘technology millennial’ aka my daughter who did everything all over again. Spoke to automated junk which claimed ₹105 recharge has not happened.
She called customer care, who said it must be because of DND – Duh! Banks dude!
After 10 min of debate, said ‘we’ve taken down a complaint and wait till Monday.’
During the day when I marked ICICI who responded with template ‘couldn’t get thru to you’.
Airtel responded with ‘we will resolve’.
Current Status:
I have a perfectly valid CC, PayTM, Uber accounts, besides a list of things that have to be ordered from your ‘Tech Apps’ according to N. BUT cannot because OTP is sent by text only, the email option is no longer available.
Given my past 6 weeks problems with ICICI and their answers, I expect them to say that ‘your OTP request required manual intervention and Saturday was a holiday’.
Expectation from Airtel would be ‘Please visit nearest gallery’. And then follow it up with 500 spam messages etc.
In the meantime I am stuck cursing technology.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends