It has been a long followed practice of Mahindra Holidays and many others to work on the funnel theory – which basically collect data, on different pretexts and offers; then spam the shite out of prospects, with the hope that 1.7-3% will convert and be signed up.

You would mostly see them at fuel pumps, multiplexes, malls trying to entice you with their ‘Free night stay’ if you part with your details.

Over the years, whilst their numbers grew, everybody got irritated, I was amused to watch from the sidelines. I have always been polite to them, avoiding by saying ‘No thank you’.

Last year, visiting my favourite Shiv Sagar restaurant in Juhu, we took a table and a couple of minutes later this boy came up. Looking at the uniform, I mistakenly started giving him our food order – till he clarified that he is from Mahindra Holidays and could we fill in a form. Exasperated and amused alternatively, I told him No.

But, I did mention to the owner that for some money you’re going to lose customers, which he agreed fortunately and said, he would not have them from the next day.

Sales pressure is fine, however Mahindra Holidays is supposed to be in the ‘Holiday Experience’ business. Wonder how they handle the people who hate this experience.

But the 2-3% conversion numbers make up for it, I guess. What’s your take on this?

Written by AD
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